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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The reasons you might want to live in Millbrae, CA

Why would you want to live in Millbrae, CA? Really. It is sandwiched on the San Francisco Peninsula between Burlingame and Hillsborough with their great houses and restaurants to the South and San Francisco a few miles away to the North. But prices of homes are only slightly lower than in Burlingame. So what is the reason you would want to pay so much?Houses tucked on the hills of Miilbrae

There is a very good reason to do so – Millbrae schools. There are four elementary schools (Meadows, Green Hills, Spring Valley, and Lomita Park) and one middle school (Taylor Middle School, named after the family that owned land along Taylor Blvd Mills High And then – there 's Mills High School - a real gem on the Peninsula.

Newly renovated front of the school

It is the best public High School in San Mateo County. Two years ago it became the first High School in the history of San Mateo county to cross the threshold of excellence (Academic Performance Index -API - score of 800 points) scoring 832. It bettered this score last year by raising it to 840. Every year, large numbers of its students are accepted to the best colleges in the US including Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, MIT, NYU and many other top universities in the country. And what about Cappuchino High School? Wikipedia notes: ”Although surrounded by land that is part of Millbrae, nearby Capuchino High School in fact belongs to San Bruno,” which leads many (like me) to assume Millbrae has two high schools. Click on Wikipedia to find more historical facts and interesting Millbrae trivia.

Recently Millbrae became the end stop of the BART train connecting it with many locations in San Francisco and East Bay. You can connect in Millbrae with Caltrain. The station building is impressive and became an instant landmark.

An impressove edition to the Millbrae skyline - a modern train station

Another landmark – being completed “as we speak”. These are new Millbrae condos. where a popular bowling alley previously occupied previously. The project took many years to complete, but according to the 88 South Broadway contact, the sales office should open on April 28, 2007.

Condos built in place of the bowling alley

Hope you find it interesting. Follow on the above links to find out more information about Millbrae (its shops, Green Hills Country Club, hotels and others or email me. There is much more about Millbrae and its schools. Have you heard about Mills HS Robotics Team or its great Dragon Dance Team? Some of you could see the Mills Dragon Dance Team during this year Chinese New Year Celebration in Millbrae and then - two weeks later - in San Francisco. Another important piece of information - The Mills Robotics Team needs a new corporate sponsor. May be you can recommend one? Please don't hesitate to contact me!

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