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Friday, October 17, 2008

A few things about San Mateo, CA

There are many “nice” things about San Mateo, CA. It has a mild climate, a lot of beautiful homes (as the one below), interesting (but not necessarily exciting) history, etc. But is there anything special or unusual about San Mateo?

San Mateo House

Here are 10 things I came with:

  1. You Tube was a San Mateo startup ( ). They are in San Bruno, CA now. Here is their Last Day in San Mateo
  2. Movie studio around 1923-5 - I read about in the Daily Journal, but cannot find the link!). San Mateo had a shot at becoming Hollywood, but I guess the weather in the South is better! Can you help to find the link???
  3. Bay Meadows Race Track – it still exist, but it might be its last year. Seabiscuit ran here! ( )
  4. Lure Restaurant – if you look for a special (San Francisco like, expensive place with great food and décor, make sure you come here. It is in walking distance to San Mateo movie theaters (see #7)
  5. The San Mateo Performing Arts Center located on San Mateo High School, is one of the largest theatres on the peninsula outside of San Francisco (per Wikipedia)
  6. Pier 1 Imports – was founded 1962, in San Mateo (per Wikipedia)
  7. B Street cinema district - cinema brought the evening traffic to the City and local restaurants. A great place!
  8. The local economy successfully withstood the dotcom industry crash – the credit goes to the San Mateo City Council! As a matter of fact, they continue doing a great job. Click Here to visit a very informative city website.
  9. Coyote Point Museum (one of the best natural history museums and wildlife centers in California, according to Wikipedia entry )
  10. Yul Kwon, winner of Survivor: Cook Islands.
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Is there anything special about San Mateo, CA?

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